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Your local food outlet offering a variety of Middle Eastern grocery

Shaganappi Grocery has been providing an authentic Mediterranean shopping experience in Calgary for more than 25 years. We emphasize a commitment in delivering freshness and flavour at unbeatable prices and unparalleled customer service.

  • Specialty Produce
  • Selection of Dates
  • Baklava
  • Turkish Coffee
  • Olive Oils
  • Cheese & Olives


Our grocery department offers all the ingredients needed to prepare your next Mediterranean dish and meal. You will find a large variety of imported traditional foods from countries all over the world including Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt, Italy, Greece and many more.


Our produce department offers an exceptional variety of quality fruits and vegetables at the best prices. You will find a range of produce items from local hothouse tomatoes and organic basil to imported fresh figs and green almonds.



Our deli department consists of a wide selection of different cheese and olives sourced from all over the world. From a creamy feta cheese imported from Bulgaria to the in-house made hummus (chick-pea) dip, there are many delicious deli products that will make your taste buds tingle.


Our spices department offers over 100 different spices, which consist of several different brands and sizes. Spice products are specially imported to our warehouse facilities from many countries across Southern Asia and the Middle East.


Shaganappi Grocery offers a wide variety of different nuts & dried fruit that are specially sourced from Turkey, Lebanon, California and many other countries. All nuts and dry fruit are transported and stored in temperature-controlled environments for a high-quality long-lasting taste.


Shaganappi Grocery’s meat department takes pride in offering 100% halal meats. From juicy tenderloin steaks to local tender chicken breasts, Shaganappi Grocery offers all the beef and chicken to meet all your cooking and barbecuing occasions. All beef at Shaganappi Grocery is Alberta Grown and all chicken is sourced from local abattoirs.


Shaganappi Grocery offers an assortment of exclusive products directly sourced and imported from all over the Middle East including Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, and Lebanon. From flavored water pipes to jumbo Medjool dates, Shaganappi Grocery carries a large selection of specialty products, including food and non-food items. Shaganappi Grocery is committed to providing its customers with new and exciting Middle Eastern products at low prices.